Will Addium Help Spice Up Your Life Without Side Effects?

Out of the many nootropic products that have been released for sale within the last few years, there is one that you should be paying particular attention to: Addium.


Addium, which has been purchased by thousands of individuals across the globe in just a few short months, is a proclaimed revolutionary wonder smart drug that has become known for boosting the brain’s efficiency and enabling all types of individuals to become more intelligent. But what do real customers and users have to say?


We wanted to sift and sort through all of the positive reviews and look for the possible side effects of addium pills to see what they had to say.


Benefits vs Side Effects of Nootropics


brain supplement effectsThis cognitive supplement is one of the most effective products out there, and it is perfect for people of all ages, mental capacities, and backgrounds. Whether you are looking to better your performance in school or you would just like to strengthen your everyday memory, Addium can provide you with the amazing results that you are looking for.


It was relatively hard to find negative reviews about this product as everything we could find online and on amazon had a positive tone to it for the most part. We were shocked to see how many people reported back with positive properties vs negative side effects.


Addium has many amazing health benefits that can help with a variety of issues related to the brain. For instance, this product is able to both strengthen the average individual’s memory and speed up the brain’s ability to learn and understand new information. While many other nootropic supplements claim to be able to accomplish the same results, they are nowhere near as effective as the Limitless NZT 48 pill based on the movie and upcoming TV show released by CBS. However, people refer to Addium as the real life limitless pill because it truly is a cut above the rest in the world of brain enhancing supplements.


Does Addium Work To Enhance Cognition Function?


Additionally, Addium is incredibly safe to consume. All of Addium’s products are held to strict standards created by the FDA, and these standards ensure that consumers are not ingesting harmful chemicals or ingredients. In order to meet these standards, Addium is always created in clean and safe factories, thus allowing you to consume this product with confidence and ease. You never have to worry about negative side effects or the potential of you becoming sick from these pills. Every ingredient used in the making of Addium is 100 percent safe, natural, and effective. What more could you want from a brain enhancing product?


Addium not only provides users with all of the previously mentioned benefits, but also allows individuals to have a substantial increase in energy and to even out their moods. Many consumers have found that Addium makes them feel generally happier, and numerous other individuals have also reported that this supplement helps to prevent them from having mood swings or sudden bursts of emotion. While this limitless pill is by no means a supplement that is meant to treat mental illnesses or disorders, it can help average individuals to safely regulate their natural moods with ease.


If you are looking to become a more intelligent and efficient individual, Addium is perfect for you. This phenomenal product is safe, easy to use, and completely effective. Absolutely anyone can use Addium without worrying about the potential of negative side effects, and almost all consumers will start to notice the positive side effects immediately after beginning to consistently consume this product. Addium has accomplished a multitude of things that no other nootropic product has ever come close to doing, and the world is very thankful for that. Try Addium today, and we know that you will not regret doing so.

Jeunesse Global – Products To Enhance Your Skin Appearance

Jeunesse-global-beautyThe overall beauty and appearance of a person almost can’t be overlooked, which is why new companies are coming out with products that are meant to enhance skin texture and overall feel. Among a few of the companies that have made an impact with their skin care product lines is, Jeunesse Global.

Jeunesse is a company that was developed by Randy Ray and his wife Wendy Lewis, back in 2009. The two have extensive experience in the field of network marketing and have been in the world of sales for years. This knowledge and experience about what is needed and necessary to succeed in network marketing has power multiple tools inside the company, designed to help new affiliates get the results they are looking for.

As a network marketing company, Jeunesse Global only deals with health and beauty products. Aside of that they focus on training their sales team, with personal development information and marketing training.

What Are The Jeunesse Global Products?

If you are trying to decide whether or not you should join a network marketing company, the first thing you should take in consideration is the products you will be promoting.

The truth about network marketing is that you are more ikely to succeed when you use and enjoy the products you are selling.

When it comes to Jeunesse, one of their most popular sold products for its results is, Luminesce.
Luminesce has a unique formula, which helps restore the radiance of the skin, its firmness and smoothness. Technically, it helps bring back the youthfulness and suppleness of the skin.

The amount of reviews and people using the products for the mere benefits of the skin care line shows that these creams are worth trying. The fact that many people love Jeunesse skin care line is a big plus for the company distributor, since it will be easier to acquire new costumers for their network.

Any Benefits Of The Company?

Like we have mentioned, through this review, Jeunesse is a network marketing company, that offers health and beauty products.

They have summarized the benefits of their products with a presentation that encompasses everything they offer. They have called this blueprint, “Jeunesse Global YES” which stands for Youth Enhancement System.

YES, deals with the delivery of rewards to the users in 4 various ways, which are;

• Products – Jeunesse offers products to help bring out the best in people, making them feel and look young. Their products use sophisticated ingredients, which work perfectly in benefiting the skin at a cellular level.

• People –The company also links people, who have mutual interest and goals. Whether its as customers, or affiliate marketers, it ensures that there is a community that is unified.

• Platform –
Jeunesse has cutting edge tools and business strategies that compliment their compensation plan .

• Plan –
The company has created a lucrative and balance compensation plan to reward their affiliates.

If you are on the fence searching for a good and reliable network marketing company, Jeunesse can be a good option to opt for. Just make sure to try skincare products first, see how you like them and then decide if you can see yourself promoting skin care products. If you own a beauty shop or a beauty business this products can specially benefit you, since you already have customers to offer them to.

Chocolate Scientific Research: Cocoa Flavanols Have Real Health Benefits

Cocoa Flavanols For Weight Loss

In today’s world, weight problems are very commonplace. As a result, many people are looking for weight loss solutions. Many people would prefer natural solutions or supplements, as these are the least likely to cause unwanted side effects.

Cocoa flavanols in their extract supplement form are thought to possibly have a positive effect for those who are trying to lose weight, improve brain function, and gain overall whole health effects.

The scientific literature first broke from a study from Nature Neuroscience that pointed out all of the beneficial properties of dark chocolate’s most prized and isolated ingredient, flavanols.

Cocoa Flavanols Benefits

Cocoa Flavanols

There are studies that suggest that these flavanols may have an effect that enhances weight loss. In a study done by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, it was found that oligomeric procyanidins or OPCs (a type of cocoa flavonoids) possessed properties that could fight obesity and diabetes when taken at low doses.

Cocoa Flavanols Studies

The study was done on mice, and the mice who ingested the flavonoids were the ones with the lowest body weight and fat mass, as well as the lowest likelihood of impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance, at the conclusion of the study. This was the case in spite of the high-fat diet they were fed. All of this essentially pointed to the fact that flavanols can improve brain function and cognitive enhancement. There are natural focus and concentration products on the market like BrainStorm Elite pills who claim to be one of the best pure nootropics available for sale.

It has been shown that cocoa flavanols can enhance cognition as well, specifically through improvement of the functioning, plasticity, and survival of neurons. In a 2007 neuroscience study conducted by van Praag et al., it was shown that adult mammals who ingested a flavanol exhibited increased spatial memory retention. Since diet and exercise have been shown to improve brain functioning, the fact that flavanols have a comparable effect can be used as support for the idea that they work through similar pathways and thus have similar overall effects on the body when compared to traditional diet and exercise.

We have also talked about coleus forskohlii in another post about how it can help improve the health of your pets. It is also important to note that pure forskolin supplements can also act as a memory improver because of its cAMP boosting properties.

In a different study, conducted in 2008 by Davison et al., the consumption of high-flavanol cocoa did not increase effects of exercise on metabolism of fat and overall body fat in obese participants. However, it is thought that this cocoa flavanol can decrease cardiometabolic risk factors in obese subjects, as it was shown to enhance endothelial function.

A different study conducted at Columbia University in 2014 compared a group of people who had ingested high doses of cocoa flavanol to one who had ingested a lower dose, and the high dose group exhibited improved reaction times and better blood flow to the dentate gyrus while performing mentally stimulating activities.

Cocoa Flavanols Final Thoughts

Overall, evidence that a cocoa flavanols supplement would be directly beneficial in the weight loss process is somewhat dubious. Even the evidence available mostly involves studies on mice rather than humans. However, cocoa flavanols benefits are thought to be significant in terms of overall health, which can make an individual feel better and more energetic. This can make it easier to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in weight loss or better health, you will be encouraged to know that scientists are working on isolating the flavanols for a pure cocoa extract that individuals can ingest without having to ingest the sugar and fat in chocolate that would be counterproductive to weight loss. Cocoa flavanols may end up being instrumental in the weight loss industry.

doTERRA Focuses on Growth Following Court Win

After a lengthy battle in court defending the purity of its products and the originality of its trade secrets, doTERRA is celebrating its victory over rival oils company, Young Living.

Essentially a Poaching Case

doTERRA President and CEO David Stirling waited two years to be freed from legal issues brought on by his former employer. Young Living, for whom he used to work, claimed that when he left their company he took contact info for their network of distributors.

The claim was that Mr. Stirling and others who left Young Living to form doTERRA took with them essential and confidential information on the most vital part of both businesses: the potential downlines. Downlines are the people who might in the future become distributors of the essential oils which both companies sell through their online network of associates. They are the lifeblood of any network marketing business.

Young living basically accused doTERRA of poaching its downlines.

What Happens Now

Fourth District Court Judge Christine Johnson threw out the case and dismissed all claims made against doTERRA. Mr. Stirling, other principles of doTERRA and the group of distributors who left Young Living to form doTERRA are now ready to re-group for continued growth. Mr. Stirling and other principles may still face violation of contract and confidentiality agreements. However, if this court case is any indication, other legal claims will be dismissed.

How to Celebrate a Legal Victory When You’re Experiencing Tremendous Growth

Now that time, money and efforts can be re-focused on making doTERRA an even better company, CEO David Stirling and his crew are hard at work doing just that. Their line of essential oils and bath & body products as well as nutrition products continue to see growth in the marketplace.

Even during the two years of legal issues, doTERRA was able to report strong growth. Now they’d like to further strengthen and expand their product offerings.

As you can see, doTERRA is undoubtedly ready to move forward.

In every sense of the phrase, doTERRA is moving on. After two years of allocating resources towards the legal issues brought on by this case, they’re now distraction-free and ready to celebrate by making their company better than ever.

Stirling remarked that he’s not even interested in recouping legal fees from Young Living, as it would prolong the circumstances they’re so pleased to be free from in the first place.

Now that’s a positive attitude!

Stirling even mentioned that he believed his company and Young Living have a unified mission, which is to share essential oils with people all over the world.

A Positive Attitude for Healthy Living

Healthy optimism goes hand in hand with the doTERRA line of products, which are formulated to enhance a healthy lifestyle. With the pain of a legal battle behind them, everyone from CEO David Stirling down to the Wellness Advocates, as their distributors are aptly named, is now ready to spur their company on to new levels of greatness.

How to Help Your Pets and Animals Get Healthy

Name one person you know who doesn’t take care of their pets as well as they take care of themselves?

Hard to off the top right – I know countless friends and family members who go to great lengths to take care of their pets and favorite animals yet at the same time neglect their own health and well-being.

health scienceLet’s talk about some products and supplement tips that can help both you and your family (pets and all) enjoy better health and more energy together.

We would like to start by giving you a 360 degree perspective of what it means to be healthy and why you helping your pets stay healthy should translate and transition into you living a better quality of life too!

Sure, anyone can call up GNC or 1800 Pet Meds and get some sort of generic, run of the mill reply about what works and what does not – but what if there were certain potent all natural supplements that could help your pet stay healthy and lean as well as yourself…how would that work .. obviously the way in which supplements are ingested might vary, but if the ingredients are clean and well extracted – everyone involved could benefit from the regular use and application of such ingredients and extracts.

How clean is your home? Animals get allergies too, so it is important to have regularly cleaned carpets. Having a professional carpet cleaning service regularly clean them will help your pets stay nice and healthy.

Let’s cover some animal tested and laboratory approved supplements that fit the requirements and would work for everyone who used…including your dog or cat!

Some of the more notable and recognizable names would be fish oils and multivitamins, or digestive enzymes or calcium for bone support – but what about some up and coming ingredients like forskolin (coleus forskohlii root)?

Not many animal lovers are hip to what a pure natural forskolin extract can do – but the evidence is becoming apparent that this product not only helps support healthy weight management, but also activates lean muscle mass and cAMP production which triggers hormones to burn fat and produce stronger fibers throughout the body.

Quite the hat trick if you ask us.

Now, before we get into our next supplemental solution, it is important to know and note that nothing will ever out do a whole food diet program. Check out this video about how to help pets stay healthy and read their body language.

Eating clean keeps your body clean – and the same goes for your favorite pets. A whole food diet is rich in antioxidants which clear out free radicals which if left in the body can wreak havoc and cause undesirable effects.

That is what we loved about forskolin once tested in the lab – the risky side effects of forskolin use were nearly nullified – meaning proper use and care of taking the supplement left virtually no ill will risks or problems for those who used it – both women and men, pets and animals have enjoyed the many benefits of this amazing root plant extract.

Another big supplement both humans and animals can gain from are joint supplements with MSM and glucosamine. As we age, our joints become dry and stiff and cause aches and pains that most of us never want to deal with.

We know over in Europe that people swear by the use of MSM (sulfur-based) products for the relief of pain and stiffness in their joints and body.

Now on to our last improvement we can all most (including your family pets and favorite animals) take that is very useful and supportive for a healthy body.

So we have covered the use of natural plant extracts, antioxidants, and joint pain relief – now it is time for more proactive vs prevention – and that is muscle building, growing, promoting products (also another benefit of forskolin).

There’s an old saying that if your not living, you’re dying – and while we have primarily talked about ways to avoid and side step aging – there are ways to “age gracefully” no matter what – and that is to do muscle building activities and take products that help enhance that … of course there are played out whey protein powders or brown rice protein shakes to try – but there are also crazy reviews about muscular boosting products like Elite Test 360. This ET360 product has been laboratory tested and verified to produce incredible sensations in the realm of muscle building and growing.

We also found a great healthy pets guide over at Prevention.com which talks about many of the same topics we have discussed today! Enjoy and thanks for taking the time to check out our respected and peer-reviewed list of supplements both you and your pets can take to enjoy a life full of health and longevity.

How to Start a Blog for Free (If You Absolutely Must)


You’re usually given lots of advice about starting a blog – find your niche, add value, etc. This time, however, we’re going to recommend something we usually steer readers away from, and that’s a free blogging platform. You see, we always tell newbie bloggers to invest the relatively small amount of money it takes to get their own domain and hosting – it’s well under $100 per year and completely worth the minimal cost. After all, with your own domain name and hosting you get:

  • a blog that’s free of ads (unless you put them there)
  • a blog you can style any way you like
  • a blog that’s yours and can’t be taken away from you

Sounds good, right? So why are we changing our advice here…instructing readers on how to get a free blog rather than steering them away from them?

Why the Change of Heart?

Simple: while the costs of a domain and hosting are pretty small for most of us, even a few dollars is out of the question for some. For whatever reason, we know some would-be bloggers simply cannot put even one penny towards their new blog.

Plus, we know that all bloggers don’t take it too serious. Some people don’t care about making money from their blog, and that’s perfectly fine. We get that, so here it is…how to start a blog for free.

Free Blog Step #1: Find Your Host

By host we mean website that offers free blogging. There are lots of them, but here are the most well-known:

  • WordPress. The best of the best, WordPress, also offers free blogging hosting on their site, www.wordpress.com (the “.org” site is for people hosting wordpress themselves, same company). Best because so many use it, there are tons of cool free plugins (extra add-ons to customize your blog) and free themes to style your blog.
  • Blogger. This free blog publishing platform is run by Google. The main advantage is that you can easily connect your blog to your other Google accounts and move pictures etc around.
  • Weebly. Nice themes, Drag-n-Drop styling, eCommerce ready.

Of course there are many more but we do advise sticking with the big ones like those three, since you’ll get more updates, better security, and more options for styling. As with many things on the internet, the more who use it, the better it becomes.

Free Blog Step #2: Set-up

In most cases, we recommend just getting the nuts and bolts, the basic structure of your blog set up and then quickly getting into the real meat of your blog: the content. It’s the same here, but you do actually want to spend some time customizing your blog so it doesn’t scream free blog hosting when your readers arrive to check it out. Do these basic things to begin with, and you can tinker all you want later on…

  1. Choose the style of your blog. This is called the theme…the design.
  2. Pick a a few modules. These are usually called widgets (that’s WordPress language, however, so other blog networks may call them modules). These are elements other than blocks of text…images, buttons, boxes and such. And sticking to the “free theme”, there are plenty of free WordPress themes.
  3. Don’t forget your title and byline. Choosing your title carefully will set your blog apart since many bloggers can’t seem to do this very well.
  4. Make it personal. Give a picture of yourself or tell your readers who you are. This helps your readers connect to you and will ultimately make your blog more successful.

Free Blog Step #3: Set Up Some Social

Social Media is still important…Facebook and Twitter especially. Set up some free accounts with them and others (Instagram, Pinterest etc) and put social media buttons on your blog so your readers have multiple ways to connect to you. Don’t wait until your blog is “successful”. Do it now.

Setting up a free blog is faster than actually reading about it, so after this go right ahead and you’ll be blogging in no time…absolutely free.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the new form of writing in a journal, except this is a lot more public, if you choose to allow the your posts to be seen by visitors. Many people choose to express themselves via an online blog so that they can share their stories and experiences with other individuals that may be looking for reviews or ways to connect with more people.

The great thing about blogging online, is that you can literally choose any topic in the world to talk about, and there is a good chance that there is someone else out there looking to connect and read about the topic.

So find out what you are passionate about, and start blogging today!